Construction Debris Cleanup

Demolition projects can generate significant debris, which can be challenging to manage effectively.

We Haul It offers a solution to meet the specific needs of your demolition project. Our dumpster will be promptly delivered to a convenient spot for your crew. In the case of more extensive projects, we can swap our trailers out repeatedly during the day so your crew has no downtime. When the trailer is full, a quick call to us will result in the removal of all debris.

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Quickly dispose of your construction project debris:


Heavy and dense, concrete is a staple of the construction industry, used for everything from foundations to walls. When broken up or removed from a site, it can create massive chunks of rubble that are difficult to dispose of.


Bricks are a versatile building material that have been used for centuries. They are often salvaged from old buildings and repurposed in new construction, but can also create a lot of debris when broken or removed.


Whether it's framing lumber, plywood, or particle board, wood is a common material used in construction. When a building is demolished, this wood can become fragmented and scattered, making it difficult to handle and dispose of.


A standard building material for interior walls and ceilings, drywall is made from gypsum plaster and paper. When a building is renovated or demolished, drywall can create a lot of dust and debris, and its weight makes it difficult to move.

Roofing materials:

From shingles to tiles, roofing materials are essential for protecting buildings from the elements. When replaced or removed, however, they can create a lot of debris, especially if they are damaged or old.


Used to keep buildings warm in the winter and cool in the summer, insulation can take many forms, including fiberglass, cellulose, and foam. When removed or replaced, it can create a lot of dust and debris, and must be handled carefully to avoid health hazards.


Scrap metal is a valuable resource that can be recycled, but it also counts as construction debris. Steel beams, pipes, and other metal components can be difficult to remove and dispose of, especially if they are heavily rusted or corroded.


Windows, mirrors, and other glass products can add beauty and functionality to a building, but they can also create a lot of debris when broken or removed. Sharp edges and the risk of injury make glass one of the more difficult types of construction debris to handle.

Plumbing fixtures:

Toilets, sinks, and other plumbing fixtures are necessary for any building that has running water. When removed or replaced, they can create a lot of debris, including old pipes and other components that may be difficult to dispose of.

Electrical components:

Wires, fixtures, and other electrical components are necessary for modern buildings, but they can create a lot of debris when removed or replaced. The risk of electric shock and the need to properly dispose of hazardous materials make electrical debris particularly challenging to handle.

Why We Haul It

Our dumpster rental services for construction projects ensure that cleaning up after a demo is both swift and cost-effective. We provide prompt delivery and a flat-rate pricing structure for dumpsters designed for typical construction debris.
  • With 6 Trucks and 55 - 10 cubic-yard trailers ready to be dispatched to your project location, we're there when you need us.
  • Fast upfront pricing estimates available over the phone.
  • State of the art GPS navigation system to immediately let you know when we can deliver for you (often times within the hour).
  • Swap trailers when one is full so there is no downtime on the job site.
  • Trailers are compact and can be placed in tight spaces.
  • We work with your customer to get the trailer placed where you need it, but you don't have to be there.
  • Locally, all trailers are on wheels to prevent scratches and cracks on driveways.
  • Covering Pinellas, Pasco and Hillsborough Counties.
  • When you work outside of our primary coverage area, our partner network, will cover your work across the state with various size containers to match any project.

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