Clearwater Dumpster Rental

Environmental conservation is becoming a critical initiative in the modern world for home and business owners alike. Unfortunately, there is only so much that your local garbage collection service is licensed to remove, making the incorrect disposal of various types of waste an inevitability. This is where a dumpster rental service comes in. If you require professional dumpster rental in Clearwater, FL, We Haul It is here for you.

Clearwater is a socially and economically diverse city in Florida’s Pinellas County, located west central Florida on the golf of Mexico. Home to nearly 115,000 people, the city has much to offer by way of natural beauty, numerous entertainment options, a rich history and more. This makes it the ultimate destination for tourists year-round. Unfortunately, its many activities and amenities also make Clearwater the ultimate destination for garbage, slowly edging towards an overflow of landfills citywide. This is where our innovative dumpster rental service comes in.

When you engage in a major cleanup – be it at home or on a construction site – there is no telling what you may find. Oftentimes, however, you unearth assorted rubbish that must be disposed of correctly. Should there be items that your garbage collection service will not accept, we will!

Items that qualify for removal include:

  • Appliances
  • Construction Debris
  • Furniture
  • Garage, Shed & Attic Junk
  • Garden Refuse
  • Roofing Items
  • Wood
  • Concrete – upon special loading requirements.
With 40 dumpster rental trailers, we proudly offer increased availability, efficiency and response time when it comes to disposing of any unwanted items that you may have. We thrive on efficiency and flexible scheduling, dropping off our trailers when it is most convenient for you.

Items that DON'T qualify

We take illegal dumping very seriously, and hence we impose a $100 charge for EVERY item* found within the trailer from the following list:
  • Chemicals
  • Solvents
  • Oils
  • Asbestos
  • Oil Tanks
  • Gas Tanks
  • Paint

* Please note that you may also be subject to federal/state/local fines or even prosecution for illegal dumping.

To find out more about our comprehensive dumpster rental in Clearwater, FL, please feel free to contact us at We Haul It today! Simply call 727-797-HAUL (4285) or fill out our convenient online form, and our experts will gladly guide you towards safe garbage removal.